About Us

Liz McDonald

Liz has trained dogs and their owners in the Dunfermline and West Fife area for over 30 years. Liz was one of the first trainers to start running classes for puppies only. Realising puppies are learning from day one in their new homes, Liz wanted to encourage and promote early learning and good manners training from their second vaccination.


To this end we began classes in 1999 ending the theory that puppies could not be trained till 9mths old, the sooner the better is the truth.


Liz and Jim have owned puppies for 35 years and now also have added older dogs, whose previous owners felt unable to keep them due to behavioural problems. Heather the Scottie and Mackie the Golden Retriever now have their forever home and we are proud of them.



Linden Kerr

Linden is Liz’s sister. Linden, like Liz, has owned and trained her own puppies from the beginning of day one when they come home. Her methods of fun, play and understanding of how dogs learn have proved to be a winning recipe which she is happy to share. She has competed in Scotland’s winning obedience team at the highest level on several occasions, once while 8 months pregnant! Linden has trained most breeds and understands the different nature and drives which can be breed specific. Currently Linden is 'owned' by a Jug (Pug /Jack Russell Cross) and is looking forward to choosing her next puppy.





Jim McDonald

Jim is husband to Liz – he describes himself as a General Dogsbody. Since his retirement from the Fire Service he has taken a volunteer role in the group dog walking. He drives the van to collect and return dogs and is also very much involved in the forest group dog walks. He is a qualified assessor for The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog scheme and has competed at Crufts representing Scotland in Obedience section.

Since his retirement he has been actively involved in charity work: - IFRA – a charity which sends vital equipment and expertise in fire- fighting skills to countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia and South Africa. Jim has travelled to these countries to train volunteers in fire- fighting safety and techniques. Nearer home he volunteers for ACE bikes – a charity whose mission is to get people on bikes regardless of age, ability or income. He regularly organises bike trips and routes for disadvantaged children and families from as near as Glasgow to as far away as Czechoslovakia and Chernobyl.



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