Puppy Socialisation Classes

Puppy Socialisation and Early Training classes


These classes are popular and are aimed at puppies from their 2nd vaccination. The classes provide early training for both owners and puppies leading to a well behaved pet. You will learn many techniques to help prevent negative behaviours with your new puppy. Providing training for your puppy early in their development lays down the perfect building blocks for a happy good natured dog.


During the classes puppies are given supervised playtime and short training sessions in :-


  • Walking nicely on a lead
  • Come to me when called
  • No jumping, play biting
  • Toilet training
  • Getting accustomed to being handled
  • Relationship building
  • Problem Solving
  • Early good manners training
  • Life skills




All this takes place in a fun environment - learning through play.


Numbers are limited in each class to provide safety, enjoyment and individual attention to puppies and owners.


These classes have been recommended by local vets in Dunfermline and West Fife area.


Please contact us for further information about the dates and times of classes.





As a veterinary nurse running puppy socialisation classes owners were always asking me to recommend a training class, which I never felt comfortable doing; not knowing what methods the trainers used.

I contacted and attended a dogs in training class with a colleague. We were happy from the onset of the class, the puppies were well controlled and Liz and Linden use a positive training technique to reinforce the puppy’s good behaviour. Each puppy and owner was given one to one attention so alterations could be made to the training if required.

Liz and Linden were so welcoming and enthusiastic about their class, we both loved it but most importantly the puppies loved it too.

We now only recommend Dogs in Training to our clients


Carol Gray RVN

Rocco and Bracken enjoying puppy socialisation/trainming

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